Here is a work in progress of where this sketch has come. As I have been painting, I have been thinking of ways to introduce some old man made structures in the foreground perhaps. Maybe some ruins of tales long ago. I will post more progress in the future. Back to the drawing board!



Welcome to the new site! More concepts and illustrations are coming and will be posted soon. Thanks for visiting!


project deadlines be like...


With XCOM II well on it's way to release date, the talented art team I am fortunate to work with have released 'the art of' book. You can snag a copy of the XCOM II Art Book here: 2K Store or here: Amazon

The fourth image in the preview section of Amazon has a page of my ship designs:


The new site is up and running. Now all the artwork on here is view-able with ease. A few more project portfolios are on the way, now that the few titles I have been helping out with have been announced and/or released.

Stay tuned!